Additive & Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AAMT) Initiative

World’s Largest 3d Printer

The U.S. Army Ground Vehicle System Center (GVSC) awarded ASTRO America the AAMT Contract Vehicle. As the program lead, ASTRO America offers Research & Development opportunities for members of the Defense Industrial Base.

This work is conducted on behalf of GVSC as well as the Army’s Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence at the Army’s Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing & Technology Center (JMTC) to support warfighter needs at the best value to the taxpayer.

AAMT project orders address two key objectives:

  • Achieving additive manufacturing (AM) of large-size, large-scale parts and components, up to and including entire combat vehicle hulls for tanks and automotive applications.

  • Enabling the maximum number of applications and printing of 3D prototype parts.

ASTRO is currently carrying out the first project order under this OTA.

Project Order 01: Advancement Of Component Designs For Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing

Project Order 001 focuses on the development of components and applications.