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President Biden with AM Forward founding partner CEOs at launch event in Cincinnati, OH

To increase resiliency in our supply chains, the Biden Administration joined several large iconic American companies to launch Additive Manufacturing Forward (AM Forward), a voluntary, public-private compact that will broaden 3D printing usage among U.S.-based small/medium sized suppliers.

ASTRO America is the convener of parties and the implementer of AM Forward, helping partner companies support their suppliers’ adoption of additive manufacturing (AM) also known as 3D printing technology, in shops, plants, and factories across the nation. Such a development has the potential to reduce LVHM part lead-times by 90 percent with novel design approaches and cost-saving models.  Toward these aims, the large corporations are making clear commitments to increasing demand for additively produced (3D printed) parts, as well as providing training opportunities to suppliers’ workers, offering detailed technical assistance, and engaging in standards development.

Leading U.S. corporations have signed letters of intent outlining their specific commitments:

President Biden with AM Forward founding partner CEOs at launch event in Cincinnati, OH

Why Additive Manufacturing (AM)?

  • AM is one of the advanced technologies changing the face of manufacturing.
  • It is broadly applicable across industrial sectors and has been identified as a foundational technology that, once deployed at scale, can greatly increase the agility, capacity, and resiliency of U.S. supply chains.
  • Additive technologies can reduce part lead times by as much as 90%, slash materials cost by 90%, and cut energy use in half as compared to forging, casting, and other legacy processes.

Current AM Forward Initiatives:

Kentucky – More Info Coming Soon
Florida – Visit AM Forward Florida Online

A laser melts metal powder, which cools to a solid. The laser melts in areas corresponding to a layer in a computer design. Credit: Beamie Young\NIST

🛑 If you are a lead system integrator end-user, you should have at least one small/mediums sized supplier identified as a co-participant. If you are a small/medium sized supplier, you should have at least one lead system integrator designated as a co-participant ready to submit a letter.  If you are an equipment producer, please note that AM Forward is focused on connecting the end-user or their designated supplier who might soon be ready to acquire an additive machine capability.

The AM Forward Compact is being managed by the Applied Science and Technology Research Organization of America (ASTRO America).

For more information on ASTRO America, visit www.astroa.org.