Hypersonics ranks among the United States military’s top “modernization priorities” according to the 2018 National Defense Strategy currently guiding Defense policies. In fact, the recently released President’s priorities for the FY22 budget included an emphasis on investment in hypersonics as critical to our competition with near peer competitors.  Despite this, and thirty years of investment in hypersonics, DoD has yet to make the crucial transition from laboratory research to factory-floor manufacturing. Meanwhile, peer competitors Russia and China are ramping up their own industrial production of hypersonic munitions.

Facing new national security and fiscal challenges, Congress now faces a range of choices on the future of hypersonic vehicles.  ASTRO America, a leading organization on Defense-related Advanced Manufacturing, in partnership with Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), invites you to attend a roundtable discussion with America’s preeminent thought-leaders in hypersonics and the U.S. defense industrial base:

  • Dr. Jonathan Miller, Director, Manufacturing and Industrial Technologies Division, Air Force Research Laboratory

  • Andrew “Tippy” Knoedler, DARPA

  • Arun Seraphin, Senate Armed Services Committee

  • Brett Lambert, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

  • Adam Hamilton, President & CEO, Southwest Research Institute

  • Moderator: Michael (Mick) Maher, CTO, ASTRO America

Join us on May 10 2021, at 10:00 am Eastern