Workshop Held in San Diego, CA

February 16, 2023. Bethesda, MD – The Applied Science & Technology Research Organization of America (ASTRO America) hosted a workshop in San Diego, CA February 7-8, to connect with users and stakeholders in large-scale, near net shape additive manufacturing (AM) technology and potential performers involved in Army ground vehicle system integration. Participants explored issues related to AM part qualification as well as upcoming funding opportunities for design and prototype subcontract awards related to large-scale metal friction stir welding. The workshop was held in conjunction with Meld Manufacturing’s User Group Meeting.

The workshop is the second of three to be held under Project Order 001 of the $95 million Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) managed by ASTRO to develop additive and advanced manufacturing technologies for the U.S. Army. The OTA is being carried out under the direction of the United States Army Contracting Command – Detroit Arsenal (ACC-DTA) on behalf of the Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC).

Project Order 001 focuses on the advancement of component designs for large-scale AM. Specifically, the project will explore potential use-cases, paving the way for extensive qualification and adoption of the world’s largest 3D printer, which is currently under development at Ingersoll Machine Tools and will ultimately reside at the Army’s Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing & Technology Center (JMTC).

“We believe this project has great potential to support the warfighter through critical additive manufacturing innovations at the Army’s Center of Excellence for Advanced and Additive Manufacturing,”said Jason Gorey, Executive Director of ASTRO America.  “We were excited by the great turnout by the West Coast’s Defense Industrial Base. We look forward to continuing to discuss funding opportunities with these companies – big and small – to  design concepts and demonstrate real-world viability of large-scale metal additive manufacturing.”

More information on the workshop and the ASTRO OTA can be found here.

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