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  • ASTRO to Host Workshop in Guam
  • ASTRO America Runs Industry Day & Issues RFI
  • Hartford Courant: Additive Manufacturing – A Significant Economic Driver for Connecticut and New England
  • ASTRO America Announces Appointment of Tracie Potts to Board of Directors
  • AM Voices: AM Forward for American Supply Chain Resiliency – featuring ASTRO!
  • Mark Your Calendar!


ASTRO to Host Workshop in Guam

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero discussed the new Guam Accelerator project with Pacific Daily News reporter Rick Cruz in a piece titled, “Governor: 3D printing may be new industry.”

The piece describes the feasibility study currently underway by ASTRO America, with the focus of establishing a manufacturing facility on Guam.

In the piece, Leon Guerrero says of ASTRO, “What they wanted to do is come out here and open this industry to be able to provide the parts … for the vessels. That way, it will be a little more cost-effective for the military and quick in response to the supplies,” the governor said. “It’ll create jobs for our people.”

In a recent trip to Washington, DC, she discussed the study with the  Under Secretary of the Navy, “we discussed the idea of bringing additive manufacturing, commonly known as three-dimensional printing, to Guam… We agreed the emerging technology could support Guam’s economic growth and resiliency and strengthen the island’s position in the Asia-Pacific region by increasing military capabilities at lower cost,” the governor said. “Guam’s economic resiliency is heavily dependent on industry diversification, and our island is in the perfect position to experiment with new technologies, attract investors and build up our workforce,” she said

ASTRO is currently planning a workshop event scheduled for November 17th in Guam to support the effort.

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ASTRO America Runs Industry Day & Issues RFI

On September 20, ASTRO America convened dozens of key stakeholders and developers of ground vehicle systems at Ingersoll Machine Tools in Rockford, IL, with others joining virtually, for an Industry Day workshop. The event kicked off the first project order under a newly announced $95 million OTA managed by ASTRO to develop additive and advanced manufacturing technologies for the U.S. Army.

Ingersoll CEO Dr. Jeff Ahrstrom delivered welcome remarks. Other presenters included Mr. Joe Kott – Senior S&T Army Futures Comm NGCV; Mr. Peter Czech, LIFT; Dr. Matt Kelly, GVSC; Ms. Nanci Hardwick, CEO of MELD Manufacturing; Mr. Edward Flinn, Adv. Manf. Director Rock Island Arsenal – JMTC; and ASTRO America’s own Mr. Ricardo Rodriguez and Mr. LJ Holmes.

Participants were briefed on the government sponsored program, received a preview of the world’s largest metal additive machine that will soon be installed at the Army’s Rock Island Arsenal Joint Manufacturing & Technology Center (JMTC), and met with program managers to discuss the current RFI.

Responses to the RFI are due on or before October 18 at noon.

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Additive Manufacturing – A Significant Economic Driver for Connecticut and New England

In a column in the Hartford Courant, ASTRO’s CEO Neal Orringer makes a case for the AM Forward initiative, designed to address supply chain disruptions and help small businesses add capacity.

The piece notes that throughout 2021, CT’s manufacturing sector has only recovered 38% of its jobs compared to a 70% recovery rate for the rest of the state’s economy. It then explains how AM can help and how AM Forward presents a framework for this.

From the piece:

A commitment to AM Forward could produce staggering results for New England. According to a recent study by Kearney Management consulting, 3D printing is expected to triple its market value to more than $26 billion. Kearney Management’s analysis suggests that over the course of a decade, 3D printing could affect up to 42% of production in industrials, automotive, aerospace, consumer products, health care and medical devices. Kearney estimated the total economic value that could be on-shored into the United States using 3D printing is at least $600 billion creating 3 million to 5 million new jobs domestically.

The AM Forward program is designed to broaden the adoption of additive manufacturing among small- and mid-sized businesses and help. Private companies are stepping up and making specific commitments to support SMEs. But more needs to be done.

Orringer continues:

First, a commitment to funding that will allow the U.S. government to move this effort forward by helping seed AM Forward’s growth and provide sustainable infrastructure to build out an advanced technology ecosystem. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, “for every $1 spent in manufacturing, there is a total impact of $2.68 to the overall U.S. economy.”

While the additional business generated from expanded AM production capacity can be hard to estimate, based on my conversations with AM Forward members, potentially allowing suppliers to output AM-built parts could generate additional revenue of at least $1 million per year. If this occurred, 100 small machining companies would collectively be responsible for at least $100 million in additional gross production. Such a commitment by the federal government would ensure that AM could significantly benefit the New England economy, securing a stronger future for our local businesses and families.

Read the piece here.


ASTRO America Announces Appointment of Tracie Potts to Board of Directors

ASTRO is proud to announce the appointment of Tracie Potts to its Board of Directors to provide strategic counsel and leadership.

Potts currently serves as Executive Director of the Eisenhower Institute at Gettysburg College, a public policy institute focusing on leadership and experiential learning opportunities for undergraduates. Her role as an educational leader follows more than two decades of work as a journalist – most notably, serving as Washington Correspondent for NBC News Channel and a daily contributor to ‘Early Today,’ CNBC, and more than 200 NBC affiliates. For nearly two decades immersed in our nation’s capital, Potts reported on Congress, the Supreme Court, four presidential administrations, and a wide range of public policy issues.

In addition to her role as a national news correspondent, Potts has served as an NBC University Instructor with the National Association of Black Journalists and a News Literacy Project Digital Classroom Instructor—presenting digital and virtual lessons to thousands of students worldwide to fine tune their skills of discernment and to educate them on the nuances between news and opinion. Potts serves on the Learning Heroes Advisory Board, and as vice chair of the USC Center for Health Journalism advisory board. She recently ended a two-year term on the National PTA Board of Directors and continues to serve on its governance team.

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AM Voices: AM Forward for American Supply Chain Resiliency – featuring ASTRO!

ASTRO’s Neal Orringer caught up with ASME’s Adam Penna to talk about AM Forward and supply chains. In the interview they talk about how AM Forward came about and why; how AM Forward works, for example, how small & medium suppliers access capital markets, receive qualification, and  improve workforce development; and what’s next for ASTRO and AM Forward.

Listen to the interview here.


Mark Your Calendar!

On October 19, ASTRO’s CEO Neal Orringer will provide the keynote address at the Advanced Manufacturing Trust Showcase, hosted by the UMass Lowell Innovation Hub Haverhill and MITRE.

The event focuses on strengthening the U.S. supply chain and Neal will be talking AM Forward.

Register here to attend or submit an idea to the showcase!

On November 10, Orringer will participate in a panel discussion on AM Investment Strategies at an online summit hosted by SmarTech Analysis and Stifel Financial.

The panel will cover topics like investment in the public markets, venture and private equity, M&A in the public and private markets, and the data: growth and expectations. Neal’s panel runs from 11am-12:30pm Eastern.

For more information or to register, click here.


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