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ASTRO Announces New Partnership with Three Leading Aerospace Manufacturers to Make it Easier for Small 3D Printing Vendors to Become Their Suppliers

ASTRO announced a new partnership, this month, with three leading aerospace manufacturers to make it easier for small 3D printing vendors to become their suppliers. Currently, Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell, and GE each have different processes for formally onboarding capabilities into their supply chains – validating that a new supplier or machine in their facility demonstrates repeatability, reproducibility, predictability, safety, and consistency in production.

Now, through this new project sponsored by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Research and Engineering (OUSD(R&E)) and awarded via America Makes (the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute), ASTRO America will lead the team of major jet engine builders to establish a “common additive manufacturing (AM) qualification template.” Rather than require small business vendors to go through a Pratt and Whitney -, Honeywell-, or GE- specific process (depending on the particular engine company-customer), the companies are working with ASTRO to harmonize an approach for prospective vendors to become eligible 3D parts producers.

Qualification of Additive Manufacturing (AM) machines and materials is a major barrier for the broad adoption of AM. To help address this problem, ASTRO received an award from OUSD(R&E) through America Makes to determine common Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) requirements of in-service metal AM parts accepted by design authorities of three engine OEMs as part of their individual qualification/certification efforts.

To read a project summary developed by America Makes, click here.

Read the press release here.

ICYMI – additional coverage:

ASTRO America and UCF Hold Second Regional AM Forward-FL AM Workshop in Orlando!

Frank St. John, COO of Lockheed Martin at Orlando workshopASTRO co-hosted a two-day additive manufacturing (AM) workshop along with the University of Central Florida(UCF) November 16-17 in Orlando. “Catalyzing Additive Manufacturing in Central Florida” drew more than 100 stakeholders and featured keynote speakers Frank St. John, COO of Lockheed Martin; Rich Voorberg, President of Siemens Energy North America; Alexander Cartright, UCF President; Neal Orringer, President of ASTRO America, and Michael Georgiopoulos, Dean of UCF’s College of Engineering and Computer Science.

This was the second of three regional workshops to engage government, academic, and industry stakeholders in crafting a collaborative plan for maturing additive aerospace, defense and energy supply chains in Florida. The workshops are part of ASTRO’s AM Forward FL (AMF-FL) program, launched in October at Florida State University and supported by the National Science Foundation.

You can see event details and a recap here.

For more on AM Forward FL, click here.

Registration Open for Third Regional AM Forward-FL AM Workshop at FIU

Registration is now open for the third AMF-FL AM workshop. “Pioneering AM in South Florida” will be held January 25-26 at Florida International University (FIU)’s MARC Pavilion in Miami.

More info on the workshop, including the full agenda, can be found here.

Anyone interested in attending can sign up here!

Annual AM Forward Update at DMC

ASTRO welcomed AM Forward partners to a workshop at the annual DMC Conference, to discuss three major thrusts of the AM Forward initiative and how companies can get involved.

  • COMMON AM QUALIFICATION: Accelerating and scaling AM adoption by developing a common template to rapidly and affordably qualify a metal AM process based on multiple OEM’s proprietary requirements.
  • ACCESSING CAPITAL: The Department of Defense (DoD) and Small Business Administration (SBA) jointly announced a Small Business Investment Company initiative to allow major companies to pool investments as a private equity fund into small suppliers. This is designed to spur private innovation in DoD Critical Technologies, specifically for procurement of industrial AM systems and ancillary infrastructure.
  • REGIONAL INNOVATION & WORKFORCE: Gathering a community of stakeholders in key regions to nurture the advanced manufacturing ecosystem through the development of skilled AM workforce at the point of need.


Key speakers included Mark Benedict, principal materials engineer, AFRL’s Material & Manufacturing branch; Jesse Boyer, Pratt & Whitney Additive Manufacturing Fellow, Brian Baughman, Honeywell Aerospace Chief Engineer, and more here.

For more on AM Forward, click here.

2023 Was a Great Year!

We can’t wait to recap all that we’ve been working on over the last year.

Stay tuned for our annual report, coming to you next month…

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